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      When it comes to a new temporary boiler build, we make sure every detail is thought out well in advance to ensure the success of the project. This process involves finding a reliable boiler to refurbish, ordering all parts ahead of time, buying the large components including the trailer itself and mapping out how the temporary boiler will be set up. From start to finish this process takes 30 - 45 days for a boiler of this size (150 HP). Once our new mobile boiler is complete, we test each component so that it meets our two standards; SAFETY and RELIABILITY


Hover on the photos below to see more information on our temporary boiler builds. 

Clever Brooks

This 150 HP Clever Brooks was removed from a school in Connecticut because it was oversized for their system. All components worked in excellent condition and no major leaks were found. Seeing its condition, we decided to purchase it to build a new reliable rental boiler.

To Ensure Reliability & Safety

We replaced all components that looked weathered, safety valves and controls, and retubed the entire boiler. All blowdown piping was replaced as well as the high and low water cutoffs. 

Good as New

After the boiler was done in the shop, we applied two coats of paint not only for cosmetics but also to protect the components from rust. The doors were then insulated and closed with new gaskets and bolts upon passing internal inspections. 

Trailer Time

Once the boiler was fully restored, painted, tested, and hydroed at 2x MAWP; the boiler was ready to go in a trailer. Once inside the trailer the new mobile boiler was bolted to the ground and prepared for piping to begin. 

Temporary Boiler

Once the boiler was in the trailer it took a couple weeks of piping and electrical to finalize the new temporary boiler. This included feedwater tank, feedwater pumps, circulating pumps, 1000 gallon oil tank, expansion tank and smart features such as remote monitoring systems. 

Off To The Jobsite

Before the boiler was brought to its first job site, it underwent several tests for the electrical systems, burner, and controls to ensure it would be safe and reliable. Once all testing was completed, it was brought to its first job site to provide Hot water for a school in CT.  

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