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When you're in need of a Temporary boiler or Pipe Dryer, you don't have too many options available. Not only are these rentals hard to come by, but they are also complex to build and maintain. With each unit custom built, the cost of creating one of these trailers can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. By renting, your not only saving money but also relying on an experienced team who knows our equipment for hookup, disassembly, and troubleshooting. 



When a boiler is in need of replacement, your facility cant afford to go weeks without steam, or hot water. With a temporary boiler, your system will remain online during the installation making for a smooth transition.


Most facilities maintain thier systems with an annual shutdown to check for inefficiencies and correct them as needed. During this time the system remains off and is unable to provide steam or hot water. By connecting a rental boiler, your facility will remain online while the facility is safely checked. 

peak demand

During peak demands such as the winter months, your boiler may not be able to satisfy the system. If the boiler is old it may also decrease in efficiency, disabling it from keeping up with the load requirements. During this time, a temporary boiler can aid the system in getting by those peak demand months to ensure the system is satisfied.  


It is common for boilers to need minor repairs throughout its lifetime with the multitude of controls that allows it to function. When a repair requires the boiler to shut off, a temporary rental boiler can ensure the system stays online until the parts are replaced.



If an underground pipe is damaged during excavation or installation, it is much easier for water to enter the casing of the pipe. If this occurs, the insulation will corrode much faster and cause a shorter lifespan of the pipe. 

before installing

Before pipe goes into the ground, it is common to test the pipe to ensure it did not get wet during transportation. Testing the pipe prior to installation confirms that the pipe meets the specifications.


When pipe is installed it is not always possible to cover it completely to prevent from rain. If rain builds up enough, it can enter the casing during a flood causing the insulation to soak up this water. This scenario typically requires the longest drying times so starting right away is highly recommended. 


For some jobs, the specifications call for testing of all pipe before it is installed. If this is the case, testing the pipe helps to prevent replacement and maximize it's longevity

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