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Temporary Rental Boilers 
Connecticut | Delaware | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont 

     AAA Mobile Boiler, Inc.: Quality yet Affordable Temporary Rental Boilers in the Northeast

     At AAA Mobile Boiler, lowest pricing is guaranteed without compromising the quality!

We understand the stress involved when trying to find a dependable and quality temporary rental boiler and/or mobile boiler room right away. That's why we have eliminated cost as a factor by offering the lowest monthly rental rates in the Northeast, including the areas of New Haven, Hartford, Springfield, Providence and all of CT, East NY, RI, and MA. If you find a price that's better, simply send us the quote and we will beat it! That's how confident we are in our low pricing guarantee!

Domestic Hot Water 
Domestic Hot Water 
Steam Heating
Heating Hot Water

Heating hot water is the most common application we use with our Rental Boilers. With a simple tie in to your existing system, we are able to connect into the loop and provide heat to your facility. 

Domestic Hot Water applications allow our Mobile Rental Boilers to provide hot domestic water to your facility. This includes use for sinks, showers, and dishwashers. 

Our fleet of Temporary Boilers are equipped with the proper valves and controls to generate steam for heat generation and manufacturing processes. 


  • Duel Fuel Capabilities

  • Range from 40HP/1380 pph capacity to 350 HP/12,075 pph steam or hot water.

  • Electrical controls meet FM and NFPA 85 requirements.

  • Available Daily, Weekly or Monthly

  • Delivered within 24 hours  

  • Installation Available

  • Emergency Service Available 

  • Operating Certificates in CT, MA, NY

Why Rent a Temporary Boiler?

Temporary mobile Rental boilers and/or rental boiler trailer can help minimize or prevent downtime at your facility.

  • Emergencies: Unexpected weather or system failures can severely impact your facility.

  • Boiler Repairs and Shutdowns: Rent a boiler for short or long-term use while your system undergoes regular maintenance or upgrades.

  • Peak Demand: During your peak demand a supplementary boiler will help to avoid overtaxing your system and get you through without interruption.


Our Fleet of Mobile Boilers


  • Industrial sizes range from 40HP-350HP providing Steam and hot water service.

  • Enclosed trailers with self-contained fuel tanks, boiler feed systems complete with electrical and control systems. 

  • Blow down and chemical feed systems.

  • All boilers have a valid operating certificate and registration.

  • All components are piped and ready for operation as soon as the electrical, steam supply, condensate and cold water field connections are made.

  • Remote monitoring 


We delivery our rental boilers across the Northeast, such as in the areas of New Haven, Hartford, Boston, Springfield, Providence and all of CT, East NY, RI, and MA for a fair price which includes delivery and pickup of the Rental Boiler trailer. With proper planning, the temporary mobile boiler room will be placed strategically, leveled off, and locked for safety. Optional pricing for fencing around the Temporary Boiler is also available.

Once the rental boiler is on site, our experienced subcontracted team will begin the hookup. Hookup can be installed with flexible hosing, hard piped, or a combination of both. For those with natural gas on site, piping can also be set up so that your temp boiler runs off your existing service. 

Once the hookup is complete we can adjust all the controls and fire it up. During this time, the mobile boiler is fully checked to ensure it is operating properly. In addition, our startup technician will go over proper maintenance and troubleshooting in the case something goes wrong to the appointed facility manager on site.

 Our temporary rental boilers and mobile boiler rooms are available in and around New Haven, Hartford, Boston, Springfield, Providence, and all of CT, East NY, RI, and MA. Call us now to get a quote of our services.

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