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New Construction Temporay Boiler
Rental Boiler Installation

AAA ensures proper planning is applied to provide the correct size temporary boiler for the most effective result including a timely delivery. For a pro-active approach before a boiler outage affects your facility, fill out an Emergency Preparation Form.

We have a variety of systems for rent when your boiler fails to function, is  down for repairs, or is being replaced. Boilers for Heating, Domestic Hot Water, and Steam of all sizes are available on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Click the link below to see our full downloadable list

Our team of reliable, licensed contractors have the experience needed to ensure your temporary  mobile boiler is hooked up and started properly. Optional pricing includes hookup, fencing, jersey barriers, electrical, and pipe fitting.  


Now offering Airrex Portable Heat Pumps. Perfect for heating and cooling industrial sites, repair shops, school class rooms, and leisure/outdoor event venues. Temperature ranges from 64° F - 86° F, has high/low fan speed, easy cool and heat changeable, programmable, and has a built in timer. 



By utilizing the most effective equipment, our enclosed dryers are able to analyze the Dew Point of underground pipe insulation to determine if it meets the specifications. This prevents replacement, insulation corrosion, and leaks which can greatly reduce the pipes lifespan. Readings will be taken on site and written in a report alongside a whitness for proof of pass or fail.     

If a pipe is found to be wet, we offer rentals by the day until the test results pass. Each unit is able to dry for 24 hours and up to 6 pipes at once. Results vary by system depending on length of pipe, dew point, and amount of time run. Routine testing is scheduled during the rental to check readings and relocate the system as needed. 


Once the Mobile Boiler is on site, our experienced subcontracted team will begin the hookup. Hookup can be installed with flexible hosing, hard piped, or a combination of both. For those with natural gas on site, additional piping can be installed so that your temp boiler runs off of your existing service. 

Rental & Delivery

Once the hookup is complete we can adjust the controls and fire it up. During this time, the boiler is fully inspected to ensure it is operating properly. In states where inspections are required on site, appointments can be scheduled to be completed at this time. 


We delivery our boilers across the Northeast for a fair price which includes delivery and pickup of the Rental Boiler. With proper planning, the temporary unit will be placed strategically, leveled off, and locked for safety. Optional pricing for fencing around the Temporary Boiler is also available.


For those who don't have as much time for maintenance, AAA Mobile Boiler offers scheduled maintenance calls to ensure everything is running properly. Prices and time frames can be established at any time during your rental.

Emergency Service

Although it is a rare, minor issues can arise during your Mobile Boiler Rental. This includes service done on the unit itself along with the existing system at your facility. Call 24/7 for any emergency situation in regards to your facility or service on an existing temporary unit. 


When startup is compete, our technician will go over need to know information with appointed staff on site. This will include a list of troubleshooting issues in the case something goes wrong. With proper training in place, your crew will be prepared to maintain the boiler during your rental period.

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