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Pipe Testing & Drying

          Our custom-built pipe drying units enable testing and drying of all underground pipes including steam, hot water, and condensate. By sending dry air at one end of the pipes casing (approximately -70° dew point) we can analyze the reading on the other end with our attachments and dew point monitor. Once the pressure is set, we can quickly analyze if the pipe insulation is wet which will give a rough indication of how long it will take to dry. If the test results come back higher than +20° then the pipe will need drying. By constantly sending dry air through the lines at the correct pressure, we will be able to dry the insulation efficiently and effectively. 


         During the pipe dryer rental period, we can test the pipe to determine if it is dry enough to pass. Once it is lower than +20° we can move the unit to other locations as needed for additional testing and drying. 

Why test & dry pipe?


  • Ensures pipe meets specifications which to prevent delays 

  • In the event that rain enters the casing and wets the insulation 

  • In the event that a line is punctured while excavating 

  • Ensure pipe is dry when it is received 

Pipe Testing


Pipe Dew point testing ensures your underground pipe is dry and ready to maximize its lifespan


  • Ensures pipe dew point meets specs

  • Dew point of < +20° is passing

  • Increases longevity of pipe and prevents the need for replacement

  • Readings taken with a witness present

  • Written report submitted with results

  • Tests up to six pipes at once

Dryer Rental


With a powerful compressor and dryer combination, your projects pipe will dry at the highest efficiency. 


  • Dry up to six pipes at once (in close proximity) for 24/hrs 

  • Time to dry depends on starting dew point, length of pipe, and time running

  • Relocation and testing is done as needed throughout the rental 

  • 110v or generator options available 

Call us for more information

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