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When renting a boiler its important to understand some of the frequently asked questions that may come up during your rental period. This information can be provided in greater detail by contacting us, along with our lease agreements. 


The Lessee agrees to provide full protection for the boiler. These terms and conditions will be provided in the Lease Agreement to be signed before any boiler is delivered.


Natural Gas or NO# 2 Oil is to be provided by the lessee. At full capacity boilers will run for 24 hours. Average being 3-4 days to refill for oil. 


Connection and disassembly are to be performed by AAA Mobile Boiler unless another mechanical contractor is appointed. If this is the case, an additional lease agreement must be signed stating the contractor appointed to the hookup before any boiler is delivered. Hook up can be either hard piped or using temporary hoses. 


AAA Mobile Boiler technician provides this service at an additional charge which will be provided when a quote is requested.


The Lessee is responsible to drain the water and oil before the boiler is picked up at the end of the rental period.


Freeze protection is the responsibility of the Lessee. If any damages result from lack of this procedure its is the responsibility of the lessee. If you would like information on this process please contact an AAA Mobile Boiler representative. 

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