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     Due to the unfortunate events that occurred in Lawrence MA in the fall of 2018, tens of thousands of residents were unable to use natural gas while the incident was investigated and fixed. With little time to spare before the winter months approached the Lawrence housing authority contacted us to provide temporary boilers for their tenants. Four temporary boilers were brought to assist in this undertaking which accommodated heating hot water, and domestic hot water for over 200 residents. With the help of local authorities and the housings resources, we were able to have all four mobile boilers installed by the end of the week. 



     Although each location was different, each temporary rental boiler was oversized for the facilities ensuring that there would never be any shortages. Each location ran one 2" supply and one 2" return for hot water. All temperatures operated in the range of 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit with pressures below 50 PSI. 


     After a month of being on site, the gas company declared this area safe to run natural gas which brought an end to this project. This project was a true testament to our ability to respond quickly in emergency situations to meet the needs of our customers. 

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