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     In the industry of temporary boilers, there are several applications that can require our services. One of the most common applications for our mobile boilers is providing hot water to schools during repairs, boiler failures, and replacements. By doing so, the school is able to comfortably work on a solution while the temporary boiler maintains the building. As illustrated above, this 150 HP temporary boiler room is providing heating hot water to an entire middle school in Enfield CT. 



     For this application, the temporary boiler is running two 2" supply lines and two 2" returns with high-temperature hot water hose. By doing so the mobile boiler is able to provide more flow and capacity than running single lines. By connecting these lines into the existing system, our boiler is able to supply the building enough hot water to heat the school. The boiler operates at roughly 180 degrees Fahrenheit and modulates as needed once the temperature is met. Fuel for this rental boiler is tied directly into the schools natural gas piping much like most of our boiler applications. This allows for constant fuel without the worry of coordinating oil deliveries or running out.

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