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New Construction Temporay Boiler
Rental Boiler Installation

We have a variety of systems for rent when your boiler fails to function, is down for repairs, or is being replaced. Boilers for Heating, Domestic Hot Water, and Steam of all sizes are available on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Click the link below to see our full downloadable list


Our team of reliable, licensed contractors has the experience needed to ensure your temporary rental mobile boiler is hooked up and started properly. Optional pricing includes hookup, fencing, jersey barriers, electrical, and pipe fitting.  

Pipe dryer

Our custom drying units allow underground pipe testing and drying to be done quickly and accurately. If pipe insulation is wet it can lead to expensive replacement and shortened life spans. Contact us today if your job is in need of underground pipe drying. We’re servicing New Haven, Hartford, Boston, Springfield, Providence, and throughout CT, East NY, RI, and MA.


     AAA Mobile Boiler, Inc.: Providing Quality Temporary Rental Boilers in Northeast

      AAA Mobile Boiler Inc is a Temporary Rental Boiler leader throughout the Northeast, servicing the areas of New Haven, Hartford, Boston, Springfield, Providence and all of CT, East NY, RI, and MA. Our fully enclosed boiler rooms allow for applications including Steam Generation, Heating Hot Water, and Domestic Hot Water. Our licensed contractors are on standby 24/7 to meet the needs of any emergency service situation. Our company prides itself on meeting three standards that our customers have come to expect. 

  1. Reliable, Effective Equipment

  2. Lowest Pricing Guarantee 

  3. Fast, Dependable Service



AAA Mobile Boiler Inc, (Formally H. E. Miliski Inc) provides premium quality of commercial service to those in need of temporary rental boilers throughout the Northeast, including the areas of New Haven, Hartford, Boston, Springfield, Providence and all of CT, East NY, RI, and MA. With units ranging from 40 - 500 HP, we have the system that is best for your facilities. We not only rent our boilers at a fair price, but also provide delivery, installation, maintenance, and service requirements with some of the most reputable licensed contractors in New England. AAA is committed to customer satisfaction which is why we take pride in guaranteeing fast and friendly service. Whether you’re doing a replacement, repair, or undergoing new construction, having a temporary rental boiler on hand can make all the difference to insure your facilities are running properly. Don't wait until it is too late, get in contact with us today for a free quote.


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Cleaver Brooks, York Shipley, Eclipse Models 

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